Friday, August 13, 2010

Back on the Horse

I almost feel like I have packed a life time of activities, adventures and escapades in since I last wrote. It has been a hectic few weeks.
Since we arrived in Ireland in September 2008 Daithi has been trying his best to get onto a welding course.
Then about 8 weeks ago he had to spend the best part of a week up the bog getting our turf ready for winter (this is our fuel that we burn on the open fire), anyway it was pretty much the first time I had to mind all 3 children on my own. To be honest I had a few reservations about how I was going to manage but as I admitted to Jena, a great friend of mine in a phone call at the end of that week that I had actually managed much better than I had expected.
I went as far as saying that I had found it easier and was much more organised. The words had hardly even left my lips when the phone rang and it was the guy from the welding course saying someone had dropped out and that there was a space for Daithi if he was still interested, he could come in on the following Monday.
Happy Days.
Finally admitting out loud that I could cope was a revelation, and as I well know things always fall into place when the time is right. I feel absolutely stoked for him, he really needed it. It had been two amazing years not working and hanging out as a really tight family unit. Spending loads of quality time together when the kids are young has really set them in good stead and they are solid, strong and emotionally sound kids thanks to that. The support he has given me since we moved here has been above and beyond what you would expect, I struggled a lot for the first 19 months (I know!) and Daithi was always there to pick up the pieces and the kids. He is my rock.
He is absolutely loving his course and has already been asked if he would like to do the next one. Our plan is to get him trained up and certified so he has all his qualifications when we head home to NZ. He is on the path & loving it. I joke that he is the teacher's pet. He is though that's the funny thing!
Besides this huge change of flow in our house our dog Tui had four puppies on my birthday! Three kids, four puppies, and no Daithi have made for an extremely busy house, infact I will be as bold as to say it has been out right mayhem!
Hence my lack of I am back on track, puppies are ready for adoption and I am full of brilliant laugh out loud heart warming tales from the Emerald Isle.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Funny Saoirse Loses Strawberry Shortcake

Keelan and I were enjoying a picnic in the sunshine yesterday when Saoirse arrived outside with her shopping trolley.
"I can't find Strawberry Mama"
"She's on your bed Saoirse" I replied, knowing full well a mini child tornado had already ripped through her room.
"I can't find her" she said.
I chuckled "Yeah you can't see the forest for the trees."
She looked at me intensely and then stared out over the garden and beyond with a puzzled yet searching gaze.
Keelan and I assumed our feast and soaking up some rays when after a while Saoirse chirped up from where she had become cemented "I can see the forest Mama."
We cracked up.
Priceless. Funny. Brilliant innocence

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have been inspired to start a blog by my friend Jenny Roper. Thanks Jenny :)
The adventures, experiences and precious moments in time that our family goes through shall be gathered and recorded here...I am so excited about doing this because I spent many years keeping a journal (age 8-30) and once I started having children I lost the urge/time to continue this savoured hobbie of mine.
As many of my family & friends know I was always writing events down and taking many a picture to mark an occasion, so it only seems apt that I continue to do so in a much more modern media.

Life is full of so many wonderful, funny and exciting things, the trials & tribulations of it all. I think it will be a great gift to our children to allow them to share in these for as long as I continue blog.

So a big thank you to Jenny, an inspiring fellow blogger.

Here goes...Welcome to the world of Celtic Kiwi....a journey into Ireland, and the Lavelle's Life...I hope you enjoy.....
Janey x