Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have been inspired to start a blog by my friend Jenny Roper. Thanks Jenny :)
The adventures, experiences and precious moments in time that our family goes through shall be gathered and recorded here...I am so excited about doing this because I spent many years keeping a journal (age 8-30) and once I started having children I lost the urge/time to continue this savoured hobbie of mine.
As many of my family & friends know I was always writing events down and taking many a picture to mark an occasion, so it only seems apt that I continue to do so in a much more modern media.

Life is full of so many wonderful, funny and exciting things, the trials & tribulations of it all. I think it will be a great gift to our children to allow them to share in these for as long as I continue blog.

So a big thank you to Jenny, an inspiring fellow blogger.

Here goes...Welcome to the world of Celtic Kiwi....a journey into Ireland, and the Lavelle's Life...I hope you enjoy.....
Janey x


  1. It's a great idea! Good luck with it but I doubt that's needed really as it'll all just flow and be an easy thing especially knowing your kids get to trace themselves and you guys from such early beginnings to later in life. I would love to be able to read an honest account of what my Mum was thinking and feeling at certain times as I was growing up around an ever changing backdrop.

    Cos. x

  2. Janey I am blushing with gratitude what lovely things to say! Writing your blos addictive, you'll love it. Looking forward to reading your posts xx